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Music of Kauai supports local businesses and people who does exceptional work to help Kauai and its community through their skills and specialties. Please visit the websites provided on this page.


A journey through Kauai's natural wonders through the lens of photographer/photo editor and web designer, Ryland Balbin who was born and raised on the Garden Isle of Kauai. His vision of Kauai's nature is available with his vast collection of images he photographed and archived. Wildlife, sea life, insects, plants, and flowers from the mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, streams, lakes, rustic towns and plantations, in the backyards and neighborhood gardens; there's always something wild and natural to be archived and preserved for the next generation to see.


Japanese Language and Business Service and Business Consultant since 1990


Art and Michiru Umezu

PO Box 3763

Lihue, HI


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